Fallen Soldiers Tribute

After participating in an amazing exhibition in Washington DC "Faces of the Fallen" 2005-2007, I was determined to continue a tribute to the fallen and their families.I began this project as an effort to honor the fallen military lost as a result of the war on terror,Vietnam, Korea and WWll, whether combat or non-combat related. These 11"x14" pastel portraits are sent to the families of the fallen at NO cost as a personal tribute and expression of admiration and gratitude. I can do nothing to change the world situation or the terrible losses, but I am a portrait artist...this is something I can do.

- Martha Wilcox

Since I do not use photo projection methods,
good quality, sharp, clear photos are essential.

These portraits are absolutely free of charge and I do not request or solicit donations. I encourage support of TAPS.org, K9s for Warriors, DAWG Foundation, http://www.tbbf.org (Battle Buddy foundation) and other similar military assistance organizations.

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